Where In The World is Kamala Harris???

With all that is happening in the world, the president’s right-hand Wo(man) should be at his side parroting his sentiments. If you listen closely all you can hear are crickets from the VP Harris team. Vice President Kamala Harris is keeping a tight lip when it comes to the Afghanistan debacle. Former White House Press Secretary and a force to be reckoned with Kayleigh McEnany said on Fox’s Outnumbered Kamala is keeping a low profile because she doesn’t want to be associated with Afghanistan when she runs for president in 2024.

What a team payer, the Vice President of the Freeworld will not work with the President. We’ve seen the situation at the Southern border under her “leadership”. She’s obviously not interested in serving the interest of the American People, just her selfish interests.

The Daily Caller’s Virginia Kruta wrote a great article addressing this. You can also watch the video of Kayleigh McEnany discussing this issue on Outnumbered. Click on the link.

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