Joe Biden Has No Idea What To Do

Our Grandpa In Chief is asleep at the helm. Each day that passes, the public grows more frustrated with this administration. Questions are not being answered clearly and there is no clear strategy on how to extract US citizens, and allies, from Afghanistan. The president held a press conference and was asked, “If Americans are still in Afghanistan after the deadline, what will you do?” This liver-spotted SOB sat there and smirked, HE SMIRKED!! Imagine if Trump did the same thing, he would have been drawn and quartered by the public. Since Joe Biden does it he gets a pass and the media does not acknowledge his action. The Taliban is clearly running the show with the August deadline, they are negotiating Trump-style, a style Joe can’t handle.

Evolutionary Behavioral Scientist, Gad Saad explained it best. The Middle East views the West as feminized. The West does not wield the same power it did when Trump was in office. The Middle East follows the mantra “Might Is Right” and the West is extremely passive. Gad Saad breaks down the difference between Trump and Biden on their leadership styles and how other cultures view the strength of the West in geopolitics. As a nation we need to show the world we mean business, this notion of showing the world we are inclusive is not working.

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