This Is Why China WILL Win. Bring Back Machismo!

If you want to take over a country easily, make sure the men will not put up a fight. Armies of MEN are the ones that expanded empires, armies of MEN are the ones that fight evil so good can prevail, armies of MEN are the ones that instill civic and national pride, armies of MEN are the ones that protect and preserve freedom of its citizens. Are you understanding what I’m trying to get to? When I was younger, being a man had weight attached to the title. Exuding masculinity was praised, not reviled. Over the last 2 decades, there has been a push to feminize men. Men need to be more in touch with our feelings, we need to be more inclusive, and we need to sacrifice the quality of our character for other people. There is nothing wrong with being kind to others, bet strong men serve a purpose in our society.

I’m not a big fan of China for its subversive policies to the detriment of the US and the lack of freedom to its citizens but I understand what they are trying to achieve, total domination. To achieve that, you will need to build an army and society of strong people with a singular focus to succeed. We had that in the US after WW2, the US grew by leaps and bounds. Men worked in the fields, built skyscrapers, created empires that moved industry and society. Every strong man had a strong woman that would care for him, the family and created an atmosphere where the family can thrive. The men of yester-year does not exist, we have a society of highly emotional men that cry for others instead of fighting for what he believes in. China is making sure it is creating a society of MEN. Men who have pride in their country, their countrymen, and success. They are creating an army that is focused on the end goal and eliminating superfluous activity that does not contribute to their goal. The CCP is laying down the hammer on entertainment culture that promotes feminine qualities. For example, K-pop culture and imagery is being banned. These K-pop stars look like delicate porcelain dolls with slim feminine features. Instead, the CCP is pushing for Men to be MEN and they are also looking to expand their population by incentivizing Chinese families to have more children. Again, I am not a fan of what China is doing but they sure know how to play the long game and win; and win they shall. This video by Paul Joseph Watson shows how the West is falling to progressive social justice ideals and how the East is cultivating a generation of pride and excellence.

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