Oppressed Cubans Really Hate Communism

What’s Happening?!?!?!

Libertad, Libertad!! can be heard as thousands of Cubans take to the streets to show their frustration with the current Communist regime.

Cubans are demanding President Miguel Díaz-Canel to step down. The cries from the Cuban people are not deterring the president’s stance as he said he promised a “revolutionary response” to the protests. Covid-19 has severely impacted Cuba’s tourism industry. The pandemic and Cuba’s economic crisis created a perfect storm to heat the emotions of the people to spark protests in the streets over the scarcity of food, poor living conditions, and the lack of basic human rights. There are videos where you see Cubans carrying American flags symbolizing the FREEDOM they so desperately yearn for.

It’s amazing to see people risk their lives in a country where voicing your opinion will literally get you killed. People proudly carrying the American flag in a country that has a turbulent history with the US. Meanwhile here in the states, there are entitled people who spit and burn the same flag where actual oppressed people are waiving Old Glory with pride. These are the same people who say, “True Communism has not been applied”. Well, we see time and time again that this particular economic theory holds no weight. The world has seen Communism, and its sibling Socialism, fail tremendously. If Communism and Socialism are not that bad, why do people risk their lives trying to come to this disgusting capitalist country? Maybe we should take a page out of their manifesto and understand what the real absence of freedom feels like.

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