Latinos Are NOT A Monolith

Though we are connected by our language and other cultural pillars (Faith, Familia, y Communidad) we do have stark cultural differences. Latinos are different and we pride ourselves in that regard. Most people think we should all think the same because of who we are. We should all agree on the beliefs of victimhood, discrimination, racism, etc. We all value different things and we can think for ourselves. Remember the time when Joe Biden played Despacito for a Latino audience? He quickly realized that doesn’t work for all crowds. How about this Latinx idea?? Now we need to further segment ourselves with the title Latinx, a term most Latinos vehemently disagree with. We understand who we are and where we come from. I will tell you the Latinos that fight to get to this country LEGALLY, have a love for the United States like no other. That is something we can share and agree upon.

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