Joe Rogan on Vaccine Passports

Podcaster, comedian, UFC commentator, and all-around fu@^!n cool guy, Joe Rogan does have a solid view on this whole vaccine passport initiative. Recently Joe explained how the vaccine passport is just a baby step to totalitarianism. The United States has been the most successful experiment in using elected officials and self-governance in the world. This idea spawned innovation, wealth, influence, culture, and freedom. The ideals of this country are not beholden to a single person, we are all products of this great American experiment.

Fear will push people to make irrational decisions to give up their freedoms for comfort and the guise of safety. Ever since Joe mentioned the suspicion over vaccine passports and his critique on Dr. Fauci, people have been trying to cancel him. Joe never tells people to take his OPINION(S) as gospel; he claims he is not smart at all. Good luck trying to cancel this guy who has a loyal following and has one of the largest platforms in the world. Keep fighting the good fight!

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