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Rafael M.

My grandfather immigrated from Puerto Rico in 1929. He was a farmer and realized he wanted to make a better life for his family, and the best way to do that was to come to the U.S. With very little money and a bag of clothes, he jumped on a livestock plane and came to this great country.

The other side of my family immigrated from Cuba in 1962, shortly after Fidel Castro openly declared Cuba would be a Marxist-Leninist country. My grandfather and grandmother were not formerly educated but knew enough that Cuba would not be a free country. My grandparents, my mother and uncle had to leave Cuba with no valuables and came to America with nothing to start a new life.

Two different sides of my family, from two different countries, but both understanding that a free and better life could be had in the United States. Even though my grandparents were from two different places, their message tom me was always the same “In America, you have the freedom and opportunity to live your dreams.” It was a simple message, but a valuable one.

So here I am today, a husband and a father. With my main goal to teach my kids that in this country they have freedom and opportunities to live their dreams.

I look forward to connecting with others that share my sentiments and believe, as President Regan said, “America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.

E.Z. Reeding

I was recently red-pilled about 3 years ago.  Like everyone, I was railing against Trump and what he was trying to achieve. When the Charlottesville incident happened there was a flurry of stories stating Trump was a racist; the “good people on both sides” sound bites were circulating.  I then saw the full video and realized that is not what he was saying.  Could it be the so-called news stations were editing the clip to fit their narrative?  I then came across minds like Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Tree of Logic, Brandon Tatum, Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro, etc.; all of these points of view were lucid with obvious logic.  I then realized, the Left does not make sense. 

My father was red-pilled over 17 years ago.  I remember him telling me what was coming on the horizon (the blurring of genders, the erasion of our borders, the encroaching PC/SJW logic, and the feminization of men).  Like any naive young adult, I told him he was crazy and he had old thinking.  I remember him saying, “that’s ok, wait until you have kids”.  Well, now I have a son and I see how children are being conditioned by TV, music, and their schools.  As parents, we have an obligation to preserve the innocence of our children.  I’m making it my duty to raise a young man and inform people, especially Latinos, that we are great and we can think for ourselves.  I challenge you to take a look at the content, if you are interested in contributing, feel free to reach out.

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