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Latinos Are NOT A Monolith

Though we are connected by our language and other cultural pillars (Faith, Familia, y Communidad) we do have stark cultural differences. Latinos are different and

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Joe Rogan on Vaccine Passports

Podcaster, comedian, UFC commentator, and all-around fu@^!n cool guy, Joe Rogan does have a solid view on this whole vaccine passport initiative. Recently Joe explained

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July Featured Tshirt

Socialism Sucks!

With the Cuban people protesting against an oppressive, Marxist/Communist government. It only seems fit to create a shirt that says “Socialism Sucks!” We also added AOC for good measure. 

Our Tshirt is on sale now and sales end on July 31. Make sure to purchase your shirt today.
Why be Right?

We created Political Vida as a way to fight the culture war by the left, one post at a time by calling out their lies y mierda.

We Make Cool Shirts

Our shirts let people know you are on the RIGHT side in the culture war. Every month we will showcase a new shirt that is unique, creative, and has a conservative message.

Don't Be Silenced

As Latinos in America we are often told by the left how to think.When we don't go along with the leftist lies, we are chastised, called names and silenced. Dont be silenced, share our posts, pictures and graphics to fight the culture war. 

Socialism Sucks!

Most on the left believe that socialism has never been truly applied. Any person from Latin America will tell you its been tried and it doesn't work. Ever!

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